Oct 03

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New Springer Faculty

This year, Highland Springs High school, had 14 new teachers join our staff.

In the World Languages department, we had Demertra Demetriou, Marios Demetriou and Ramon Zabala.

Demetra’s favorite thing to do is travel.  She loves anything Spanish or related to Spanish culture. She listens to jazz and on the weekends, likes to cook and get organized for the upcoming week. Marios’ favorite subject is History.  If he could go anywhere for one day, he would travel to New York City.


The History department had Wayne Rotella become a member of their staff. He comes to us from Armstrong High School, where he taught for 8 years. Just like Mr. Demetriou, his favorite subject is History. And if he could go anywhere for a day, he would go to Washington, DC to visit the museums.

The new members of the Exceptional Education department are Bria Smith, Kimberley Lee, Myria Thompson, Randy Crawley, and Lamont Folsom.

Many of you may remember Lamont from last year, as he was the exceptional Head track coach. He has been working at HSHS for the last two year.

You may have seen Myria Thompson last year also. She worked with the functional students in room 1618.  She is continuing her work with the Exceptional Ed students but is upstairs this year.  Her favorite type of music is classical and her favorite movie is “The Color Purple”.

Bria Smith worked in New York before coming to Highland Springs. While here, she would like to start a book club and she enjoys a good slice of pizza.

Katie Youell is a new member of the English department.  Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese and on the weekends, she enjoys hiking, swimming and spending time with friends.

Kulsoom Quraishi is one of two new members of the Science department. She is coming to us from the Community College setting.  She enjoys working with students,  a good salad, and listening to Indian music.

The second member of the Science Department is Daija McCoy– Scott. She is a brand new teacher. She

Tonya Birdsong transferred here from Henrico High School and works in the Business Department.  She has brought a lot of experience with her, which she shares with the students daily. She promotes student leadership within the business student organization– DECA.

Our new credit recovery teacher is Mr. Terrawn Garrett.

As I know everyone will, let us reach out and introduce ourselves to the new staff.  Help them feel welcomed to their new Springer family.


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