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Faculty & Staff

To access the emails of the following faculty and staff members, click here.

Department Heads are designated with a *.

Kenneth White Principal
Aimee Sobon Associate Principal- Cohort 4 (12th Grade)
Jesse Chavis Assistant Principal- Cohort 3 (11th Grade)
Assistant Principal- Cohort 2 (10th Grade)
Carrie Wishon Assistant Principal- Cohort 5
W. Brad Alston Administrative Intern- Cohort 1 (9th Grade)
Dean of Students
Richard Lily Student Activities Director
Dandridge, N. Coordinator of Assessment & Remediation
School Support Staff
Dullas, A. TST (Help Desk)
Smith, B. Instructional Coach
Wright, C. Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Coffey, A. Media Specialist
Sarfo-Kantanka, K. Media Specialist
Carter, P. RESET
Front Office Secretary
Hannon, T. Registar
Front Office Secretary
Phayme, T. Counseling Secretary
Breedlove, J. Finance Secretary
Smith, C. Principal’s Secretary
Sykes, S. Attendance Secretary
Bassett, D. School Nurse
Cosby, D. School Resource Officer
Cox, J. School Security Officer
Shoul, S. School Resource Officer
Custodial & Maintenance
Custodial & Maintenance
Brown, T. Custodial & Maintenance
Rinthalukay, V. Custodial & Maintenance
Robinson, P. Custodial & Maintenance
Wright, F. Custodial & Maintenance
School Counseling
Counselor- Specialty Center
Aikin, G. School Social Worker
Brown, L. School Psychologist
Cooke, S. Counselor- Cohort 2 (10th Grade)
Dance, S. Counselor- Cohort 4 (12th Grade)
Otley, M. Counselor-  Cohort 3 (11th Grade)
Pemberton, S. College and Career Advisor
Rockwell, A. School Social Worker
Smith, L. Counselor-  Cohort 5
Tillery, C. Counselor-  Cohort 1 (9th Grade)
Business and Marketing
*Riddle, A. Ferguson, M.
Byrdsong, T. Huss, S.
Clark, R. Nelson, S.
Rasheed, R.
Bandas, A. Rysinski, R.
Coefield, C. Smith, K.
Taylor, K.
Drinnon, A. Youell, K.
Honeycutt, K. Zabala, K.
Ramirez, I. Barnett, S.
Exceptional Education
Krodel, T.
Hollister, A. Lee, K.
Costley, K. Marks, C.
Cutler, M. Scott, P.
Donaldson, L. Seeds, N.
El, S. Simmons, D.
Folsom, L. Smith, B.
Francis, S. Stokes, D.
Ghoussoub, D. Stone, D.
Thompson. M
Howard, D. Webb, G.
Family and Consumer Sciences
*Foster, S. Garloff, J.
Atkins, J. Gray, A.
Bailey-Green, E.
Fine Art
*Hall, S.
Campbell, A. Mehalko, E.
Donaldson, A. Yonkers, D.
Health and PE
*Booker, A. Stanley, R.
Crocker, M. Tomayko, S.
Johnson, L. Young, D.
Reynolds, G.
Instructional Aides
Bullock, L. Seay, M.
Davis, M. Wingfield, M.
Mullins, D.
*Kukuvka, K. Holmes, D.
Beaton, W. Lapniski, S.
Beazley, W Mehalko, J.
Champion, J. Mudd, W.
Muse, C.
Conroy, C. Rombach, J.
Destry, J. Vereen, K.
Geib, D.
Holder, T. Sawyer, T.
Anderson, S.
Byers, E. Stockner, M.
Harvey, R. Quraishi, K
Jones, J.
*Leonard, K. Sherwood, D.
Wood, C.
Social Stuides
*Clark, D.
Atkinson, M.
Billett, S. Parkhurst, K.
O’Carroll, A. Rotella, W
Clark, A. Tual, T.
Loftin, J. Wilson, E.
Technology Education
*Batkins, W. Linette, J.
Thompson, R.
Kimball, P.
World Languages
Nelson-Henry, L.
Tucker, R.
Zabala, R.

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