May 12

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Yearbook Ordering Information and FAQ

2019-2020 Yearbooks are still on sale! Celebrate the year by ordering your yearbook today! You can order line at this link through Jostens today!

Frequently Asked Questions-

1) Is there still a 19/20 yearbook?
YES, the 19/20 yearbook is DONE! The yearbook staff worked hard to finish the book from home but it was completed and turned in end of March so WE WILL still have a yearbook this year!

2) Can people still order yearbooks?
YES! This information has been posted to Schoology for students, but if you are still getting questions, you can order online today at this link. We do have a limited supply but there are still plenty available at the moment.

3) When and how will the books be distributed?
TBA, but we are working closely with our Jostens rep to find out information about when the books will be printing. With everything going on in the world, the process was halted for a few weeks but, hopefully, we will still receive the books before the end of the school year. The minute we know more about when the books will get to us, we will work with the admin team to figure out a distribution plan.

4) Can you check and see if I already ordered a book?
YES! If you want to double-check please email Ms. Bosta at tlbosta@henrico.k12.va.us

5) BONUS! Any students that order a yearbook will be able to attend an online “yearbook signing” party. Students will get virtual yearbook pages where friends and teachers can leave messages. The pages are printable and can be added to the back of their yearbooks. We am waiting on further info on this, but it would be a fun opportunity for our students to reconnect!

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