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Faculty & Staff

To access the emails of the following faculty and staff members, click here.

Department Heads are designated in bold.

White, Ken Principal
Draper, La Toya Associate Principal
Chavis, Jesse Assistant Principal
Hill, Ebony Assistant Principal
Wishon, Carrie Assistant Principal
Alston, W. Brad Administrative Intern
Lilly, Rick Director of Student Activities
Daniel, Harry L. III Dean of Students
Dandridge, Nicole Coordinator of Assessment and Remediation
School Support Staff
Bassett, Dimple School Nurse
Breedlove, Jori Financial Secretary
Coffey, Adrienne Media Specialist
Cox, John School Security Officer
Dullas, Arcel TST (Help Desk)
Hannon, Trudy Registrar
Jordan, Shanna Speech Pathologist
Osterbind, Jeremiah C&M
Peebles, Keyvette Credit Recovery
Phayme, Theresa Prinicpal’s Secretary & Front Office Manager
Reed, Nyeisha Front Office
Rinthalukay, Veomany C&M
Robinson, Phillipe C&M
Sarfo-Kantanka, Kimberly Media Specialist
Shaw, Bryan C&M
Shoul, Steven School Resource Officer
Skyes, Sheryl Attendance Secretary
Smith, Brian Instructional Coach
O’Carroll, Ashley Innovative Learning Coach
Davis, Cherrelle Director of School Counseling
Otley, Michael School Counselor
Tillery, Christina School Counselor
Cooke, Stephanie School Counselor
Smith, Lisa School Counselor
Aikin, Gilian Social Worker
Rockwell, Angela Social Worker
Birdsong, Tonya Business and Marketing
Clark, Robyn Business and Marketing
Ferguson, Michele Business and Marketing
Huss, Sarah Business and Marketing
Mayo, Keylon Business and Marketing
Riddle, W. Allen Business and Marketing
Bandas, Arlene English
Barnett, Stacey English
Coefield, Cora English
Dobos, Christine English
Drinnon, Amanda English
Hollister, Amanda English
Honeycutt, Kimberly English
Mason, Tameka English
Ramirez, Isela English
Smith, Keenan English
Crawley, Randy Exceptional Education
Cutler, Melodye Exceptional Education
DeMary, Danielle Exceptional Education
El, Stephanie Exceptional Education
Folsom, Lamont Exceptional Education
Hollis Primus, Whitney Exceptional Education
Howard, Dawn Exceptional Education
Krodel, Tyler Exceptional Education
Lee, Kimberley Exceptional Education
Lynch, Jocelyn Exceptional Education
Manning, Diana Exceptional Education
McCloud, Amity Exceptional Education
Scott, Perry Exceptional Education
Simmons, Devon Exceptional Education
Stone, Dyvawn Exceptional Education
Swatling, Cory Exceptional Education
Washington, Joyce Exceptional Education
Webb, George Exceptional Education
Wynne, Kimberly Exceptional Education
Bailey-Greene, Eva Family & Consumer Sciences
Foster, Sheila Family & Consumer Sciences
Garloff, Jill Family & Consumer Sciences
Gray, Asia Family & Consumer Sciences
Jackson-Ejike, Dannette Family & Consumer Sciences
Donaldson, Augusta Fine Arts
Hall, Sheila Fine Arts
Mehalko, Elizabeth Fine Arts
Turner, Anthony Fine Arts
Yonkers, Davon Fine Arts
Beazley, Wendy Math
Conroy, Caitlin Math
Destry, Harriet Math
Geib, Donald Math
Grover, Michelle Math
Holmes, Della Math
Lapinski, Steven Math
Mehalko, Joseph Math
Mudd, William Math
Rombach, Jeffrey Math
Holder, Thomas MCJROTC
Sawyer, Troy MCJROTC
Booker, Angee Physical Education
Crocker, Monique Physical Education
Henshaw, Matthew Physical Education
Johnson, Loren Physical Education
Reynolds, Melvin Physical Education
Stanley, Robert Physical Education
Tomayko, Shaunte Physical Education
Young, Dustin Physical Education
Anderson, Stephanie Science
Byers, Eric Science
Depugh, Ashley Science
Jones, John Science
Khan, Paula Science
Leonard, Katherine Science
Quraishi, Kulsoom Science
Sherwood, Dawn Science
Stockner, Michelle Science
Wood, Crystal Science
Atkinson, Matthew Social Studies
Billett, Spencer Social Studies
Burgess, Sally Social Studies
Clark, Andrew Social Studies
Clark, Danielle Social Studies
Loftin, Jamaica Social Studies
Rotella, Marshall Social Studies
Wilson, Edward Social Studies
Batkins, William Tech Ed
Kimball, Paul Tech Ed
Linette, Jason Tech Ed
Thompson, Robert Tech Ed
Fasulka, Sarah World Languages
Hatcher, Jessica World Languages
Irizarry-Fasulka, Sarah World Languages
Nelson Henry, Latrice World Languages
Taylor, Chad World Languages
Zabala, Ramon World Languages

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