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PowerSchool and Schoology Access

The Schoology Parent Portal will be open soon! Schoology is an online, learning management system that organizes all the digital elements of your student’s education. It allows for anytime, anywhere access of the most current course assignments, updates, calendars, and course materials. Feel free to use the resources below to help you get started!

It is important to note that while grades may appear in Schoology courses, PowerSchool is still the school’s gradebook of record. For up-to-date grades, make sure you are checking PowerSchool.

Resources for Power School

*Our Power School district code is MXZM

Resources for Schoology

Need additional help with PowerSchool or Schoology? We are here to help! Simply fill out the contact form below and within 48 hours, we will get you up and running on PowerSchool or Schoology!

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